Using a Cannabis Dropper

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The first time people see a cannabis oil dropper, it can be intimidating. After all, this dropper looks nothing like a tincture dropper (which looks like an “eye dropper”). An oil dropper looks like a small syringe which might conjure images of addiction. But an oil dropper is nothing more than a dispenser for releasing […]

Its Not All About the THC

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Here’s something your Mom didn’t teach you about cannabis. When it comes to getting high, the cannabis connoisseur doesn’t focus on THC (or more accurately THCA.) Sophisticated consumers know the most elevated experience often results from strains with the lowest THC.   What do you mean? THC gets me high, and more is better, am […]

Smoke or Vape? Which is for me?

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Smoke or Vape? Which is better for me?   Let’s start by reviewing the difference between vapor and smoke. Vapor is gas resulting from heating cannabis to a temperature sufficient to release active compounds like THC and CBD, but not high enough to burn. Because vaporized cannabis doesn’t reach combustion, there’s no smoke – just […]

Is bud the new…Bud?

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A 10-year study of the effect of legalizing cannabis on the consumption of alcohol produced some interesting results.   In an article published in the magazine Forbes, it is reported that marijuana sales dropped by 15% in states with medical cannabis laws.   Data on alcohol purchases was collected from chain store sales between 2006 […]

So Tired But Can’t Sleep? How Cannabis Can Help

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We’ve all been there. You’re lying in bed and you close your eyes but you can’t close your mind. A relaxation podcast just ended and your wandering mind is asking if cannabis might help. Or maybe you fall asleep like an infant but, also like an infant, you’re wide awake after a few hours and […]