Clear Sky Cannabis' Reviews

Cannabis Dispensaries located in Massachusetts

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Me
    05/08/2022 03:29 AM
  • Kristin E
    04/30/2022 06:03 PM
    Best around town. Customer service is A+. Prices are super affordable. Top notch products.
  • jake the snake
    04/02/2022 05:37 PM
    Huge selection of Flowers, friendly stuff and good parking. And they carry insa's flowers which is fire 🔥
  • jessa brady
    03/24/2022 03:28 PM
    Good prices and great quality bud!! Best dispensary in the area for sure!
  • cheri thomas
    03/10/2022 02:26 AM
    Decent customer service,great product on the menu for customers to choose from and good location
  • Jake Gilbert
    02/21/2022 01:04 AM
    The staff here are really knowledgeable, and have always been really patient with us.
  • Chenelle Ells
    02/16/2022 10:48 PM
    I’d give more stars if I could!
  • AFC Faith
    02/09/2022 08:14 PM
    Great products Good Value Great customer service with knowledgeable employees
  • Bdog Bdog
    02/08/2022 09:26 PM
    This place is pretty sweet, going here for a year now, I scale out all my stuff always good, staff are nice, prices are how it is in mass, I will say unless you know what brands you want you will waste money testing them, I’m always buying INSA and SMYTH, it’s pricey but not worth the hay on the streets! 👍
  • Hemingway’s Whiskey
    01/25/2022 03:40 AM
    This place has the best gummies.. The samples they were handing out Saturday where really good. I love the blue raspberry sours I hope they come back at some point But the 10 mg cucumber watermelon are awesome. The staff is always really nice here.