Clear Sky Cannabis' Reviews

Cannabis Dispensaries located in Massachusetts

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • sami l
    05/27/2024 05:02 PM
    Nice place, great equilty stuff,... Just one of the employees came of a Lil rude.
  • Justin May
    05/26/2024 11:56 AM
    Best price for your green I've been able to find. Worth the trip. It's a nice, clean place and the employees are professional and courteous. I love the photos on the walls.
  • Adam Frank
    05/20/2024 01:02 AM
    Was an excellent dispensary with a very friendly staff, they had great deals and I see myself coming again.
  • Christina Pisano
    05/19/2024 05:57 AM
  • Karl Peterson
    05/18/2024 01:33 AM
  • Ryan Kolis
    05/17/2024 11:51 AM
    I don't do drugs but seems like a good place to buy some just drove by
  • Jeanne Lapier
    05/16/2024 03:47 PM
    Knowledgeable staff, very pleasant
  • Elyse Parandes
    05/15/2024 12:15 AM
    I love going to clear sky. They take 20% off if you have your medical. Also they always have deals on ounces! Good ones! But today I picked sale items and it just really didn't make sense the entire transaction. I went to the car to check pricing and no reciept....and all the eighths were not sealed closed that freaks me out!
  • Brian Conley
    05/11/2024 09:22 PM
    The employees are very nice.
  • Rodriquez Green
    05/11/2024 04:29 PM