Smoke or Vape? Which is for me?

Smoke or Vape? Which is for me?

Smoke or Vape? Which is better for me?


Let’s start by reviewing the difference between vapor and smoke. Vapor is gas resulting from heating cannabis to a temperature sufficient to release active compounds like THC and CBD, but not high enough to burn. Because vaporized cannabis doesn’t reach combustion, there’s no smoke – just vapor. Smoke is a collection of tiny carbon particles and gases that some cannabis consumers prefer to avoid. When we burn anything, we dramatically alter its chemical composition. But when we vaporize a substance into gas, the vapor comprises the same molecules as the original substance.


One of the easiest ways to enjoy cannabis vapor is through vape carts. Filled with oil extracted from different strains, vape carts are attached to sleek, pen-like batteries. With a click of a button, oil is heated and it’s time to puff. Most vape batteries have an adjustable heat setting. Always choose the lowest temperature on your battery that still gives you a cloud of vapor. There’s no need to cough.


Great for “on-the-go,” vape carts offer immediate effects with discreet style. Flavor profiles in a cartridge are typically more pronounced compared to smoking. With vape carts you might find that you can better taste fruits, spices and other natural cannabis flavors found in high quality bud. Yet despite the full flavor of a vape cart, you won’t have to deal with the lingering smell of smoke. Vapor may look dense, but it doesn’t stick around like smoke and it doesn’t cling to clothes, walls and furnishings. Who among us cannot think of a situation when we want cannabis, but only a discreet, low odor alternative will do?


We all remember the 2019 vape crisis when some e-cigs and cannabis cartridges contained harmful additives such as Vitamin E Acetate. Rest assured that all vape cartridges purchased at Clear Sky have been tested at a licensed, independent lab to ensure there is no Vitamin E Acetate or other contaminants. Purchasing cannabis from a licensed dispensary is always advisable, but never is it more important to buy legal than when purchasing vape cartridges.


Vape carts come in all different strains and most are quite potent. A favorite cartridge of many connoisseurs is Live Resin. “Live” refers to oils and other concentrates that have been extracted from freshly harvested plants. Most cartridge oils are made from plants that were dried and cured after harvest. Drying and curing is necessary for smoking flower, but some of the delicious terpenes are inevitably lost in the process. Live resin delivers a more complex terpene profile which some feel results in a more interesting and rich experience.


You may not always be able to find Live Resin carts. (Clear Sky has some now). Nevertheless, tasty vape cart varieties are abundant across all strain types and extraction techniques. If you need immediate effects and a discrete, low odor alternative, you may want to add a few lab-tested vape cartridges to your home cannabis cabinet.


Jean Welsh, EdD

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